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Danjeon Breathing High-impact Exercises

Danjeon Breathing High-impact Exercises

Danjeon Breathing for Immune System Support

If you love a challenge, you’ll enjoy our high-impact exercise DVD.  There are three complete, 20-minute exercise routines for clarity, health, and stamina like the low-impact version.

The Feel Better on Your Own system is ideal for survivalists and those who wish to learn ad perform the exercises independently.

Before attempting the high-impact exercises, beginners must complete the self-test on the Welcome DVD and always remember Master Sheppard’s advice. “Never push into pain.”

Quick Results High-impact Exercise DVD

The core exercises are mostly low-impact, and the high-impact exercises promote the same types of benefits while offering a more significant challenge.

Whether you are a beginner or well advanced in other enteric self-healing arts such as Yoga, the first place to start is with the Welcome DVD.

Dating back to the early days of acupuncture, Danjeon Breathing is a non-invasive variant of this ancient healing art.  This Korean self-healing energy art offers a gentle way to boost the immune system as it oxygenates the body while calming the mind.

Danjeon Breathing offers a gentle, non-invasive self-help way to boost the immune system and to manage ninety percent of everyday complaints, whether you’re in a studio, small room, or even a sickbed.

Welcome DVD

The essential first step in Danjeon Breathing is to self-evaluate your present condition.  This self-test is simple, thanks to the pose demonstrations by Danjeon Breathing Instructor Paula-Anne Damaskinos.

Also, in the Welcome DVD, you’ll enjoy the story of her health turnaround thanks to this gentle energetic healing art.

For those who suffer chronic low-back pain, be sure to watch Master Roar Sheppard explain how he came to Danjeon Breathing as a young man.

It is an inspiring story because he did it to escape a diagnosed lifetime of persistent low-back pain, reduced mobility, and addictive medications.

It was this need for relief that eventually led him to South Korea and Danjeon Breathing. and after experiencing a profound health turnaround he chose to become a master of Danjeon Breathing so that he could bring this wonderful self-healing art to America.

If you suffer from chronic low-back pain, you’ll see him do something in this Welcome DVD, which will inspire you with hope for the future.

How It Works

Danjeon Breathing is not about building body mass.  It is about breathing to draw free prana, life force energy, into the Danjeon repository in your body.

The Danjeon is an energy repository located in the pelvic cradle in area women call the womb, which is why Danjeon Breathing is so powerful for immune system support.

Seventy percent of the body’s immune system is in the lower bowel, which is the secret to Danjeon Breathing and why ancient Korean nobility practiced it and for one specific reason.  To naturally prevent their chances of dying from a cold or flu, a life-threatening concern in those times, as it is today.

Now let’s take a quick look at how this simple process works.

You begin with gentle warm-up exercises to relax as you open the energy channels within in your body.  Then, you’ll draw fresh prana through the top of your head down to your Danjeon.

A key point with this step is the goal.  With other energy art such as Yoga, the goal is to improve overall breathing.  However, with Danjeon Breathing, the core breathing exercises are very focused and powerful, so you only need to perform them for a short time.

After you draw fresh prana into your body, the next step is to empty your Danjeon of spent prana by combined visualization and breathing.

How will you sense the spent prana leaving your body?   Many of our customers report feeling what we call a cooling “Peppermint Patty effect” as the spent prana passes out their bodies through the soles in their feet.

After you have completed a few low-impact or high-impact exercise routines, you’ll begin feeling results and growing confidence in your ability.

The Possibilities are Powerful

Ancient Korean elites funded the development of Danjeon Breathing because, despite their wealth and power, they feared catching their death of cold.  The result is a self-help energy healing art that naturally boosts the body’s immune system.

Originally there were just a few poses, but those numbers grew over the centuries, and today there are over 1,000 poses for a wide variety of symptoms.

In South Korea, Danjeon Breathing studios are everywhere and extremely popular with the nation’s business leaders because nothing works better than success.



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