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Indigo-E. T. Connection: Signed Paperback

Indigo-E. T. Connection: Signed Paperback

Indigo Children – Our Trusted Liaisons with Extraterrestrials

Indigos are awaking in great numbers to the gentle call of a living universe. Some are cherished and nurtured, but most struggle with the emotional pain of misunderstanding. Yet, each will feel the same need to explore their own ‘Indigo-ness’ and their destiny of evolution and contact.

Indigos are here to help humanity achieve its oldest dream – universal harmony. They will do it by living in service-to-others in the hope of seeing humanity overcome its service-to-self failings. When that happens, our civilizations will no longer increase but rather erode slowly and then die suddenly. Instead, they will last, and they will know love.

According to psychic Nancy Ann Tappe, the term “Indigo” describes the hue of the aura (life energy color) surrounding an Indigo, but this is not the only measure.

An Indigo will also possess a high IQ, an indomitable sense-of-self and a solid psychic intuition. Born to a natural knowing of things, they quickly sense goodness, compassion, evil intent, and crisis in others.

As we evolve, off-world races will freely contract us, and Indigos will become reliable liaisons, for they will instinctively know friend from foe. All are born to this role, but not all will fulfill it.

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