Alien Security: Signed Paperback

Alien Security: Signed Paperback


An Anthology for Human Freedom (Plus Battle Book)

Includes 3 Videos with Maurice Osborn
  • ISBN: 9781597721004
  • Perfect Bound
  • 11/01/2009
  • 7.440″ x 9.690″ x 0.770″
  • 372 Pages, 1.466 lbs
  • Maurice Osborn, Contributor
  • Marshall Masters, Contributor
  • Janice Manning, Editor
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Fiction is the Safest Place to Hide a Terrible Truth So That All May Find It

The core truth of UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrials are buried under a fog of highly organized disinformation and propaganda. Its mantra is played time and again by mainstream media in the voice of an FAA flight controller complaining, "it's that Roswell crap again!"

Each time we laugh at that sound bite, we take one more step backward from the absolute truth of Roswell. &Not what happened in 1947, but the fatal decisions made in the months following the crash. This anthology for human freedom uses fiction-based-on-fact. It lasers through this engineered fog and lays bare the big picture truth. That we're on the verge of becoming a slave species.

Is there anything we can do about it? You bet there is! Freedom is not a right. It is a struggle, and winning this one is less about technology and more about self-determination. Is there something you can do about it today?

Yes, but first, know this. Not all aliens are our friends. Conversely, not all aliens are our enemies, and our friends have told us how to preserve our freedom -- while there is still time. Today, the determined few will fight for our species.

Tomorrow, it will be an army of people inspired by their courage. Whether you stand up for freedom today or tomorrow, the battle book section of this anthology offers you a simple plan for making a real difference, real fast.


Unlimited Video Downloads

3 Videos with Maurice Osborn*
  • Alien Messages by Maurice Osborn
  • Earth Freedom by Maurice Osborn
  • The U.S. and ETs by Maurice Osborn

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Weight 1.466 lbs
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