Jesus and the Third Temple: Signed Paperback

Jesus and the Third Temple: Signed Paperback


The Complete Guide to the Ancient History and Secret Rituals of the Red Heifer Ceremony

Includes a 13-part Interview Series with Robert Reiland and Marshall Masters
  • ISBN: 9781597720366
  • Perfect Bound
  • Published: 01/10/2007
  • 7.440″ x 9.690″ x 1.379″
  • 688 Pages, 2.668 lbs
  • Robert Reiland, Author
  • Signed for Robert, by Marshall Masters, Publisher
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Why Building the Third Temple in Jerusalem is a Jewish Right and a Christian Imperative!

This book is of vital importance to Christians and Jews who question the urgency of building the Third Temple in Jerusalem. It answers the most critical WHY, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW questions by revealing the most important untold secret of the Holy Land. King Solomon's Temple helped shape Christianity as we know it today.

Sharing this ancient secret is imperative for Christians. This is because our present-day understanding of this sacred site is largely based on the limited knowledge of those who once lived and worked outside its walls. Even though they cherished it as the holiest site of their nation, their misperceptions have endured until now.

With Jesus and the Third Temple, you are transported back in time to bear silent witness to the ancient sanctification and purification rites of God's Chosen People. This was a time when they - and they alone - worshiped their God upon the hallowed grounds of the Temple Mount.

There, you will learn ancient secrets that have survived time, cataclysm, conquest, and change. Secrets are shared only with those deemed worthy to enter the Kodesh Ha-Kodeshim so as to be schooled in the curriculum of the sacred. There, you will learn what they and few today already know. God's Divine Presence, Shekhinah, actually dwelled in the Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, and the Second Temple.

Unlimited Interview Downloads

THE GREAT TRIBULATION with Robert Reiland and Marshall Masters


  1. Why Israel Will Be the Last Nation Standing
  2. Pillar, Fire and Cloud
  3. He Goats and Scapegoats
  4. Finding the Temple Site
  5. Secrets Revealed
  6. The Most Amazing Prophecy
  7. The Red Heifer Ceremony
  8. The Jewish "Rapture"
  9. "Jewish" Days and Nights
  10. The Messiah's First Advent
  11. The Fire and the Cloud
  12. The Tribulation
  13. The Third and Fourth Temples

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