Survival Library: Signed Hardcover Editions


Survival Library: Signed Hardcover Editions

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How-to Organize, Shelter, Feed, Protect, and Comfort Intentional Survival Communities

This value bundle offers all WSN customers a discount of 15% and includes the following:

Revelation and Planet X

This book is a traveler's guide to surviving the Planet X tribulation with the help of friends and family on both sides of the veil. It features a prophecy timeline by year and season for 2024 through 2037. Learn how the past has led to the present and the things we must do to keep kit and kin together during the hard times ahead to survive, thrive, and enjoy an enlightened Star Trek future.

Win-Win Survival Handbook

Written for small communities of 100 or more people, it offers detailed plans and instructions on organizing, building all-hazards survival structures, and feeding up to 1,000 people daily with underground aquaponics.   It includes four survival video and audio media files.

Radio Free Earth

The ability to communicate for local security and to share information with other survivors at great distances will give small groups and communities a considerable advantage.  There are many different types of equipment, and this book explains them to you and how you can use them to reach out to others.  This book includes the 3-Part Video Series Why Radio Free Earth and it explains the first radio you need to buy and why.

Surviving the Planet X Tribulation

Governments can and will fail and fall during a global tribulation event, which is why faith-based and non-governmental organizations will be more effective.  This book offers leaders a quick and positive way to lead their flocks to safety.  It includes two supplemental eBooks plus seven videos and audio media files.