Godschild Covenant: Signed Clothcover

Godschild Covenant: Signed Clothcover


Return of Nibiru

Includes 3 Videos for Knowledge and Serenity
  • ISBN: 9780972589550
  • Digital Clothâ„¢ Cover – Gray
  • Published: 08/22/2003
  • 6.000″ x 9.000″ x 1.188″
  • 472 Pages, 1.828 lbs
  • Marshall Masters, Author
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Why the Future Belongs to the Stouthearted

Godschild Covenant is set against a global tribulation caused by Nibiru (Planet X) and is rooted in a realistic catastrophe scenario based on the impending flyby of a planet the Sumerians called Nibiru.

Amid this maelstrom, the dubious characters who've lurked in the shadows of Anthony Jarman's life now come forward to propel the story at a breathtaking pace.

Likable and gifted with psychic abilities, Anthony enjoys political success until his enemies manage to conscript him into the hopeless role of a "releaser." During this dark passage, destiny recasts his fate when he meets Tanya. Beautiful and dynamic, but sad, she captures Anthony's interest at first sight.

The attraction is mutual, but Tanya cannot yield as easily. The loss of her family still pulls her soul towards lonely tears, away from her pressing need for a new future. As they struggle with their feelings, the ghost of an old love from Anthony's past returns to bond them together in the service of a desperate cause.

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Videos for Knowledge and Serenity
  • Planet X 101: Who, What, Where, Why and When and How
  • Precognition and The Five Stages of Catastrophism
  • Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within*

*Requires Free DivX Player

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Weight 1.828 lbs
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