Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: Signed Hardcover

Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: Signed Hardcover


There Is Strength in Numbers

Includes Two Supplemental eBooks plus 7 Videos and Audios
  • ISBN: 9781597721950
  • Case Laminate
  • Published: 07/15/2021
  • 8.500″ x 11.000″ x 0.875″
  • 378 Pages, 2.951 lbs
  • Marshall Masters, Author
  • Duane W. Brayton, Co-Author
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To Walk Out of the Planet X Tribulation, We Must Walk Humbly with Our Creator

Astronomer Percival Lowell, founder of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ, coined the term "Planet X" around 1905. It describes a sizeable object in space that European astronomers called "Neptune's Perturber." They could not observe it but knew it was there due to perturbations observed in the orbit of Neptune.

Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh of the Lowell Observatory discovered Planet Pluto in 1930, and it was assumed to be "Neptune's Perturber."  Decades later, astronomers discovered that Pluto is only 60% the size of Earth's moon. Hence, it lacks the mass to be Lowell's long-sought Planet X, and the search continues.

With this in mind, imagine that you live to see Planet X with your eyes.  What would you do, with whom, and more importantly, how will you work together to survive?

The answers to these and many other questions are in this book. Written in an entertaining style, it will gently and positively immerse you in the topic.


Includes 2 Free Supplemental eBooks

Survival Wellness Advocacy and the BIG WIN: A Supplemental Guide for Surviving the Planet X Tribulation (eBook)
  • Survival Wellness Advocacy and the BIG WIN: Signed PaperbackPerfect Bound Edtion
  • Print ISBN: 9781542447966
  • (See Details)

Survival Wellness Advocacy offers a practical strategy for maintaining the survival wellness of loved ones, with a method that empowers you with inspiring options for the future.

Survival Wellness Advocacy was first introduced in Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: There Is Strength in Numbers by Marshall Masters.   This supplemental guide expands the idea by explaining the advocate’s role in detail.

Two Suns in the Sky: Who Lives, Who Dies
  • Two Suns in the Sky: Who Lives, Who DieseBook Edition
  • Print ISBN: 9781546905455
  • (See Details)

This three-part series was created especially for those in awareness, many of whom are baby boomers who have experienced dreams, visions, and premonitions about the coming Planet X tribulation and the Nibiru Pole Shift. Most since they were children and now as grandparents, they find themselves wrestling with a dilemma of denial, procrastination, and deadly locations.


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Supplemental eBook Editions
  • Survival Wellness Advocacy and the BIG WIN
  • Two Suns in the Sky: Who Lives, Who Dies
Two Suns in the Sky: Who Lives, Who Dies Audios
  1. Purposeful Survival for an Enlightened Future
  2. Nibiru Pole Shift – Who Lives, Who Dies
  3. The Survival Power of Perpetual Genesis

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