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The Kolbrin Bible: Signed Hardcover

The Kolbrin Bible: Signed Hardcover

Newly Revealed Egyptian-Celtic Wisdom Text Offers the Knowledge of Those Who Survived Past Global Catastrophes — So We Can Live!

Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic warnings for the future, and their harbinger signs are now converging on these times.

These predictions are found in The Kolbrin Bible, a secular wisdom text studied in the days of Jesus and lovingly preserved by generations of Celtic mystics in Great Britain.  It is a 2-part, 11-book secular anthology.

The first six books are called the “Egyptian texts” and were penned by Egyptian academicians following the Hebrew Exodus. The last five books are called the “Celtic texts” and were penned by Celtic priests following the death of Jesus.

The Kolbrin Bible predicts an end to life as we know it by a celestial event. The return of a massive space object in a long elliptical orbit around our sun.  Known to the Egyptians and Hebrews as the “Destroyer,” the Celts later called it the “Frightener.”

Here are actual passages from the Egyptian texts:

The Destroyer, as the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews called it, is known by other names such as Wormwood, Nibiru, Planet X, and Nemesis.   There are also troubling prophetic correlations to the future predictions of Mother Shipton’s “Fiery Dragon” and the “Red Comet” warning of Astronomer Carlos Ferrada.

Includes Free Paperback (An $11.00 Value)

Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection: Why the Kolbrin Bible Is the Rosetta Stone of Planet X

“Greg Jenner spent decades connecting the dots for this book. Now you can do the same, in a single evening!”—Marshall Masters

Greg Jenner is one of the top Planet X historians alive today — if not the best! He believes that the ancients were extremely clear in their warnings to us about Planet X.

He believes the ancients were extremely clear in their warnings to us about Planet X, and in this groundbreaking work, he makes it all click together like a box of Legos.

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Kolbrin Media Library (In Chronological Order)

The Kolbrin – eBook Series by Steve Russell (March 2005)

  1. Introduction
  2. Reality of the Universe
  3. Evolution and the Creation of Man
  4. Giving Birth to Your Soul
  5. The Return of the Destoryer

Audio Essays on The Kolbrin Bible with Marshall Masters (Oct-2006)

  1. Could We See Two Suns in Five Years?
  2. The Hitler Diaries and The Kolbrin Bible
  3. Surviving the Next Global Catastrophe
  4. Did Moses Use Alien Technology to Part the Red Sea?
  5. The Destroyer and Sitchin’s Nibiru
  6. Radical Islam Starts World War and Destroys UN Says Ancient Egyptian Prediction
  7. A Fate Worse Than Hell
  8. Did the Big Bang Create God?

Did Moses Use Alien Technology to Part the Red Sea? (Dec 2006)

  1. The Ten Plagues of Exodus*
  2. The Red Sea*

The Kolbrin Bible and the Nature of God Series (Jul-2018)

  1. Series Introduction
  2. Reflections of Reality
  3. Sons of Fire
  4. Brooding in Profound Silence
  5. The Great Circles of Eternity
  6. The Desire to Create
  7. A Variety of Spirit Minds
  8. The Universal Womb
  9. Unraveling the Secrets
  10. Einstein and God

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